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Enjoying Outdoor Art at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden in Minnesota

By Meg Brunson

When visiting Minnesota we really wanted to visit the Mall of America – it’s been on my bucketlist since I was a mall-obsessed high schooler! But, with covid, we felt better avoiding the mall and other indoor potentially-crowded places… I leaned about the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and knew it’d be a great way to experience the city and it’s landscapes alongside fun and interesting art.

I knew the kids would get a kick out of the big blue chicken, and I thought the spoon with a cherry was awesome – what is it about big sculptures of little things?!

The gardens were pet-friendly and our family enjoyed walking around a section of the park – observing and talking about the art, and just enjoying family time while also taking in the Milwaukee skyline.

Tips for a Terrific Trip:

  • Prepare to pay for parking – there is parking right at the Sculpture Garden, but you will have to pay for it. You can pay with a credit card, or (my favorite) use the app. The cool thing about the app is that you can add more time as needed while you’re exploring the park right from your phone.
  • Print a map – there are a lot of sculptures spread throughout the gardens and I wish that I had a map of where everything was located so that we could have easily navigated from one thing to another. Using my phone was inconvenient.
  • Plan for a picnic – this would be a great location to enjoy a picnic lunch!
  • Depending on the wind, you may be able to feel a sprinkle from the fountain atop the Cherry on a Spoon – the kids loved this and didn’t get TOO wet!

Plan your visit to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at https://walkerart.org/visit/garden

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